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Solar Sees 23% Increase In 2023 According to Ember Report

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A new report by Ember has revealed that solar generation grew globally by 23% in 2023. This staggering revelation comes with the record-breaking construction increase of solar and wind in the same year.

The report which analysed electricity data from 215 countries found that solar was the main supplier of electricity growth in 2023, adding more than twice as much new electricity as coal.

Solar produced a record 5.5% of global electricity in 2023, with 33 countries generating more than a tenth of their electricity from solar, and a third of the produced solar electricity being attributed to China at 584 TWh. This solar share of energy generation shows a 0.9% increase compared to 2022.

Dave Jones, Global Insights Programme Director of Ember said: “The renewables future has arrived. Solar in particular is accelerating faster than anyone thought possible. The decline of power sector emissions is now inevitable. 2023 was likely the pivot point – peak emissions in the power sector – a major turning point in the history of energy.”

The record surge in installations at the very end of 2023 means that 2024 is set for an even larger increase in solar generation. It is expected that solar and wind will make up 70% of global electricity by 2050.

Source: Ember

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