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A Power Conversion System is a device for bidirectional conversion of electrical energy connected between the battery system and the Grid and/or load

Yes, it varies. The selection of PCS brands and models we use depends entirely on the specific project requirements. We strive to match the most suitable PCS with each project to ensure optimal performance and compatibility

Yes, a Power Conversion System (PCS) is always necessary when installing a battery, regardless of whether you are using a photovoltaic (PV) system or not. The type of PCS and its function might vary depending on the specific BESS model. Some systems include them already, whereas others do not

We do not supply PCS on their own

No. There are some safety hazards involved with using heat blankets and can affect heat dissipation. If the temperature is low, we recommend installing indoors

The Tianwu’s temperature is adjusted by the liquid cooling pipes. It can be both cooled and heated

No. This can cause potential battery problems

Battery Discharge Efficiency is the amount of usable energy relative to the amount of energy lost during discharge

About 5%. That is the charge and discharge rate

We normally offer 3 years warranty. If a customer has a desire to extend this, we can offer this for an extra fee

Yes. We have a built-in Emergency Power Supply (EPS) port ready to be wired into an emergency circuit

We do not currently supply a gateway for full house backup. You can speak to your electrician about the wiring, earthing, and gateway. Our Agave could connect to a full house network

There are pros and cons for each. For example, if your electricity usage is high and your battery capacity is relatively lower, your battery could drain quickly on full house backup. On the other hand, if power cuts are infrequent and shortlived, then a full house backup is more convenient

Our EPS functionality is built into our all-in-one units, then the wiring connections are on the side of the machine, close to the grid connection. Some competitors supply a separate EPS box but ours is built-in for convenience

If the EPS port is not wired up, the EPS function will be lost. Nothing will be back up. Only the load connected to the EPS port can still receive power supply from the battery when the power is off

Hybrid means both AC coupled and DC coupled

Yes. The inverter can also take power from the grid, so this isn’t an issue

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