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CATL EnerOne
Outdoor Liquid Cooling Battery System

High Level Of Safety

  • LFP batteries with high thermal stability
  • Protection level of IP66 to meet the requirements of outdoor applications
  • Resistance up to C5 corrosion level, with 20-year reliability
  • Separate fire protection system

Long Service Life

  • Available for integration with CATL’s advanced technologies (e.g. optional cell with super-long cycling up to 12,000 cycles)
  • Integrated frequency conversion liquid-cooling system, with cell temperature difference limited to 3℃, and a 33% increase of life expectancy

High Integration

  • Modular design with a high energy density, saving floor space by 50%, compatible with 600 – 1,500V system
  • Separate water cooling system for worry-free cooling
  • Transportation after assembly, reducing on-site installation costs and commissioning time

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CATL EnerOne


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EnerOne by CATL, a reliable energy storage solution with advanced long-life cell and liquid-cooling technologies. Released in 2020, EnerOne offers extended service life, seamless integration, and enhanced safety. 

The integrated liquid cooling system maintains a temperature difference within 3 ℃ for prolonged performance, Suitable for outdoor use in temperatures from -30 to +55 ℃ with an IP66 protection level.

UL 9540A


UL 1973

IEC 62619

IEC 62477-1 LVD

IEC 6100-6 2/4 EMC

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Liquid Cooling

The entire system’s battery cells have a temperature variation of just 3°C thanks to the advanced liquid cooling mechanism. This enhances the battery cells’ lifespan by as much as 20%.