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Renhong Zhang said in his speech that the High-tech Zone will do its best to provide all kinds of help and support in the subsequent construction and development of Weiheng Intelligent. It will strive to do a good ‘shopkeeper,’ to provide enthusiasm, initiative, professional, standard and all-round service.

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eCactus promotes a carbon-neutral world to the benefit of thousands of households.

On August 30, 2021, the signing ceremony for JIANGSU WEIHENG INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.’s landing in Huishan High-tech Zone was held in Wuxi, Jiangsu province.

Amongst the attendees were Song Cheng, deputy secretary of the Huishan Zone Committee, secretary of the Huishan High-tech Zone Party Working Committee and secretary of the Luoshe Town Party Committee; Renhong Zhang, director of the Huishan High-tech Zone Management Committee and mayor of the town of Luoshe; Jason Xu, head of operations in mainland China for Reorient Group; Yaojie Sun, chairman of Jiangsu Weiheng Intelligent Technology Co., LTD.; Huichen Di, minister of the third department of Wuxi Investment Promotion Center.

Renhong Zhang said in his speech that the High-tech Zone would do its best to provide all kinds of support in the subsequent construction and development of Weiheng Intelligent. They will strive to be ‘good shopkeepers,’ show enthusiasm and initiative, be professional, provide a standard and comprehensive service; do a good job of ‘scavenging,’ help clear the way for enterprises and aid their development, and to truly ‘be responsive to every request, and be silent unless we must speak.’

Jason Xu, the head of Reorient Group’s operations within mainland China, said that since the initial negotiations up until the final implementation of the project, Huishan High-tech Zone had to overcome all kinds of difficulties such as COVID-19 and remote collaboration, and they consistently acted on their principle of ‘doing practical things for enterprises’ in every detail of their work, a move which would likely guarantee future cooperation.

Yaojie Sun, Chairman of Weiheng, stated that “Weiheng will firmly grasp this great development opportunity in Wuxi and follow the developmental trends of carbon neutrality. Weiheng will also make full use of Huishan High-tech Zone’s resources, continue to lead innovation in core science and technology, bring good products and good services to thousands of households, and make progress with the historical mission laid out by ‘the carbon neutrality leader.’”

With the support of Huishan High-tech Zone, Weiheng has completed the site selection. The construction of the production line and supporting services are also being carried out steadily. After completion, Weiheng will have a production zone of 10,000 square meters, 2,000 square meters of office space, and a canteen, gym, and other supporting facilities, all providing comprehensive support for their specialists and employees in production and service.

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